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The Balm Tinted Moisurizer

There are times when I just don't feel like wearing any foundation but at the same time I want my skin to look even or something that just wont emphasize the dryness of my cheeks! So, I went on searching for something that fits for the job and I found 'tinted moisturizer'. I was like "what the heck?? never heard of it...never seen one around either"....duh, the eyes wont see what the minds don't know~!! hehe...

So, one day as I went window shopping, I came across one of the cosmetic shop and I saw...
a display counter with products resembles Benefit...I was like "eh? How come they sell Benefit items here??" So I went nearer and found out it was not Benefit but THE BALM...another brand from U.S. with attractive design...(you can visit their website here) and there it was.."tinted moisturizer". I was super excited and ask the sales assistant about it.

Initially I wanted to buy the medium color (they actually have light,medium and dark) but it was out of stock except for the light and dark color. So, I bought the light color (after the sales girl nags about how fair my skin was compared to hers....yada yada)...went home and tried it. First few times I've tried it I don't like it much but after awhile...hehehe...here's my review:

1. I consider it more of a sheer/light foundation with extra moisturizing effect compared to other foundations.

2. Please, do not expect it to be like other moisturizers...you still need to put on your fav moisturizer before   this one...especially if you have reaaaally dry skin like mine.

3. But, the coverage is decent enough for me. It is still able to even out my skin tone but needs to wear a bit of concealers to hide the blemishes/scars.

4. It is suitable for those who is just trying out makeup or ones that don't like heavy makeup on.

Will I buy it again? Don't know. I still have a looooot more in the tube. And maybe I should save money to buy Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (seems like it have a lot of good reviews out there *shrugs*).

Have you tried out this one or Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer? Why don't you leave your comments down below? :)


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