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The Body Shop Seaweed Skin Care series

Ok, I had this last year as my wedding gift (weeee~~!!! ^^)...although I chose it myself..hehehe..So,last year I went to The Body Shop (during sales) and was looking for a good skincare for my face and was greeted by one of the sales assistants and suggested that I should buy this seaweed series as I have combination skin. She said that it is good for oil control and will help to make my skin matte all day. I bought (fine! not me...but my hubby bought it for me) the cleanser,toner and the day cream and I use it for few months....

So, here is my review:

Pro: 1. It really helps to reduce the oil on my T-zone area
       2. I like the day cream (a.k.a moisturizer) because it was in a gel form and...I like gel moisturizers! :p

Cons: 1. It just make my dry skin waaaaaay too dry!! Even the moisturizer didn't help much :'(

1. I personally thinks that it is only suitable for someone with a really oily skin...I mean oily on the whole face   and not just on the T-zone area.
2. But,if you have combination skin (with dry cheek area) I suggest you either use extra extra extra amount of moisturizer on the cheek or better still buy a different moisturizer brand (-__-)"

After a few months using it I switch to a different brand just because I'm trying to find one that really suit my skin...as one always said "if it is good for you,doesn't mean it will be good for me"  and "we will always search for the best" right??

Anyone had use this skincare series? Or thinks that you might want to give it a try? Why not leave me a comment? I would love to know your thoughts  :)

p/s: the picture above is for illustration purposes only :)


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