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Clinique 1-2-3!!

Previously, I've used The Body Shop Seaweed Skincare series (read here)...and somehow when I was in one of the shopping mall, I came across this Clinique counter and it reminds me of someone I know who looooooves Clinique so much and also all the adverts I saw about Clinique....

Honestly saying...initially I was kind of reluctant to go there,reluctant to give it a try because I thought "what if it does not up to their claims and not worth the money at all,etc". Clinique is in the expensive skincare range although it is not the most expensive. Mind you, I'm not one of those 'loooooaaded with money' group..so every cents I'm paying counts! But.....
then I thought, "ahh,just give it a damn try!! You wont know until you try it yourself!"

So,I went there and consulted the sale personnel....told her my skin type and my concerns. So she suggested me the main three items : Liquid facial soap (oily skin), Clarifying lotion (type 2) and Dramatically different moisturizing gel (yes yes yes....G-E-L moisturizer..yippie!)...

I've used it more than 3 months now, and here is my review:

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap
         What can I say? It is just like other facial cleanser I've used. It has gel like consistency. Nothing so great about it. I didn't feel like my skin really clean or fresh after using it....might as well clean my face with water   (-__-)" ...I wouldn't suggest someone to buy it.Seriously!

Clinique Clarifying Lotion (type 2)
          Now now...I am NOT a big fan of toners just because I never see their effects on me...maybe it is just meant to be that way (their effect is subtle and gradually improves the skin....something like that :p) But, my main issue with toners/astringents or whatever you call it...is the smell and sometimes the tingling sensation on my skin...maybe because the alcohol content? I dunno...but I don't like it....so same goes with this one...four words : I don't like it!

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel
          Now this one.....I like!! Not only because it is a gel moisturizer but it really moisturizes my skin especially my cheeks.....One thing that I also like about it is that, even though I put extra amount on my T-zone area, it didn't actually make my T-zone extra oily/shiny...wonderful!! If only all moisturizer is like that, I would not be too cautious wearing one! I only bought the 50ml and lasts me for 3+ months~!! Worth it!

          Hmm....I personally thinks that only the moisturizer is worth buying...I've promised myself not to buy the cleanser and toner again...might as well spend my money on the other cheaper brands (that is probably waaay better)

Oh ya, I also bought other Clinique products along with these items....I'll make my review about them soon~!!

Have you ever tried any Clinique skincare products? I would looooove hear your reviews/comments about them...why not leave your comments below?? :D

p/s: picture for illustration purposes


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