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Face Charts

These are face charts. It is actually a printed face outline and MUA will colour the papers as if they are doing real makeup on their clients. And of course, they uses real makeup..not pencil colours or water colours, etc.

Why would they do such a thing? MUA are artists as well. So they have to come out with makeup ideas as creative and as pretty as possible for their clients right? So, rather than keep on putting makeup on one's face and remove it and put it on again...it's easier for them to just paint it on the papers and ask their clients which makeup style they prefer. Besides, they can also discuss which colours they want and can mix and match it easier. Usually, established (or pro makeup artist) or even MUA students would probably have these charts with them. They will keep it in a file and can be used as their portfolios as well.

The ones in the pictures above are mine. Yes yes....still a lot of improvements are needed. But hey, it is not that easy! Obviously because the textures are different.

You can just search it online and type "face charts" and you'll find a lot more creative and beautiful face charts done by other MUAs...*jealous mode* I really need to improve my self in making these things. Some people don't like doing it....but I like it. I actually enjoyed doing it. Hehehe.....

This is just some of the things I want to share with you all. Until next time, tadaaa~!! :)

p/s: here's a video on how to do face charts!


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