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Kryolan Supra Color Foundation

The other day I went to a makeup class with one the local makeup artist and she told me that this foundation is currently a favorite among them. She told me that this foundation initially is for body painting...you know, more for a creative makeup/ theatrical/ Halloween kinda stuff....but somehow now they are using it for face makeup ( err...I mean not that fantasy kinda stuff...you get what I mean? No? NVM~~*sigh*)

BUT....a word of caution......
this foundation is TOTALLY a no-no for someone with super oily face!!! Why??? Because this is an oil based foundation/cosmetics.....If you're oily and then add this on..trust me..you'll be a grease ball!! Ha ha ha....*ok..serious-* you'll NOT be pretty!

However, if you're on a drier/normal/ not-too-oily-combination skin then you can use this one with a very OUTSTANDING effect!!!!! Seriously....your skin will be really smooth with no blemishes on camera...and I'm talking about those hi-fi professional-DSLR-type-of-camera with 100X zoom *too much exaggeration is going on here*
NB color (looks dark here,right?)

A swatch
With flash

This one goes really smooth and easy to spread...a little reaaally goes a long way....covers well...and waterproof!! (it is oil based whaaat~~~can not mix with water one maaah~!!) So, it can stay for long hours.

So, here's the summary:

1. Oil based foundation - not for oily skin
2. Covers well & easily spread/blend on skin
3. WATERPROOF - lasts for hours
4. Use little amount at a time (so 1 container can last for..maybe 10 years?? hahaha *exaggerating again!*)
5. Good for photography
6. MUST have a good makeup remover in hand
7. Not cheap and not readily available in stores!  :'(

And there are also several shades available...you can ask the seller for recommendation...

Until next time...... ^^

p/s: Ho ho ho...I have a good makeup remover suitable to remove this foundation... I'll put it up later~~~ Ciao!!



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