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Kryolan TV Paint Stick

I just bought this foundation several days ago after reading the good reviews about it and also because this is a different type of foundation. Many makeup artists here looove to use this product,so I wanted to give it a try.

This one I bought it online and I've tried it out right after I received the items.  So here is my review...

1. Little amount goes a long way
2. A very very very full coverage foundation (better than my MUFE HD foundation...read here)
3. Able to act as BOTH foundation and concealer
4. Needs a LOT of blending (yep...requires time and patience!)
5. Suitable for photography sessions

The colors that I've bought
The swatches
My hand before (left) and after(right)

So, in my 'before' picture you can see my green veins etc...so this one I actually use the '508' foundation first then blend it with the '4W' and applied a thin layer of powder on top. Voila! Where did my veins go??! (O__o)

I personally thinks that..perhaps this could be an everyday foundation especially for those who needs a very good coverage but not for those in a rush as it really needs a damn good blending (I use it with a sponge) and patience. If not, you better expect yourself to look like a clown. If you're in a rush, go for powder foundation or liquid foundation (still needs a bit of time).

For me, if I want to take a lot of pictures of myself then I would use this one...save me the time from using concealers :p

What about you? Any particular foundation you like to use for photography session? Leave your opinions in the comment box!

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