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If you're wondering why I talk about skincare when my title is about makeup..the answer is....

To achieve the best makeup it is important to get a good skin....makeup should not be applied to problematic skins (I'm not saying that makeup is only for people with flawless skin!) just because the contents in those cosmetics may irritates the skin and further worsens the skin!

In short, before you apply makeup or wants to wear makeup...please overcome your skin problem first! Get good products or better still consult your dermatologist.

For me, makeup is fun...but I would prefer to get good skin first. That's why I've included skincare reviews in this blog...it is also my journey to find a better product for myself....

So,what about you? Have you found your best skincare product? What are your current skin conditions and your skin concerns? Share it with me!! Write it in the comments box below~ :)


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