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Dinner makeup for Kak Wan & Nida

(Kali ni nak buat entry dalam bahasa Inggeris pulak yo)

So, this is another makeup job for Kak Wan & Nida who are attending their company's annual dinner at One World Hotel, Bandar Utama on 7 July 2012.

Due to their request, I will not upload any pictures of them without makeup but I will mention their skin problems for your reference, okay? :)


Kak Wan

These are her skin conditions prior to makeup:
- Generally dry skin with minimal peeling especially around the nose, a little bit on the cheeks & chin
- Had a number of pimple-like bumps on her face (cheeks, jaw, forehead) due to some allergic reaction she had recently.
- Open/large pores around the cheeks areas.

So, it is actually quite challenging to cover the imperfections and I took my time blending & covering them with foundations.

Oh, I also had difficult time to cover her eyebrows (yep, no shaving/plucking peeps) with glue as her eyebrows grow erratically due to previous threading & the hairs are very thick & stubborn. But, hey! I managed to cover it well, dont you think? :))

SO, the results are:

**Just for your information, these pictures are uploaded directly from my humble compact camera and no editing done accept for putting watermark**



Nida's skin condition was:
- A lot of pigmentation on the cheecks most likely due to previous pimple scars
- A little bit of open pores/scars around the cheecks area
- Also patchy dry skin around the face

Generally, her skin was not that bad and quite easy to overcome with good products!

So, the results are:

And here is their picture together :


So, do you like it or hate it? If you dont mind, feel free to drop your comments below!

Or if you are interested to hire me as your makeup artist, dont hesitate to contact me as per shown on top of this blog! :D


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