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Random Rambling

Hello peeps!

Hmm...my lappy is going nuts these few days. Remember in my previous post I told you about my lappy cleaning up activity? Well, even after removing unwanted stuffs, my lappy still acting crappy and hanging quite frequently. 

So again this morning I decided to re-check all folders and AGAIN removed a lot of stuffs. Fuh, my lappy really IS my store of some sort. And then I did the disk clean up & wanted to remove some unused softwares.

You know what? I actually came across this software which I think I've installed (or already pre-installed for me...I dunno) ages ago and obviously I did not use it! So, before I actually click "UNINSTALL" for this one, I clicked to open in and see what it is all about...turns out it is an AMAZING software. Hahaha!!! 

I ended up spent almost 2 hours playing around this software. It was so exciting and easy to use!! [Call me whatever you want but I really do find this one amazing] *\(^o^)/*

So, these are the pictures that I did using the software:

Yep, this is a collage of my makeup portfolios...well some of it, though. It is impossible to put ALL of my makeup portfolio in one collage. Huhu.

Yep, these are the different faces of ME! I do look different in every pics due to makeups and not being photogenic.
[My translation of 'photogenic' is looking good in every pictures or looks always the same in each pictures XD ]
But, whatever it is...those are ME! (^_^)v

So, what software did I use?????




  1. I actually downloaded Picasa (like last year?) but never really did use them. And then my lappie crashed along with Picasa.

    Maybe I should give it a try sometime. :P

    PS: Nice makeup works on yourself! So inspiring lah! :D



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